Redwood Helicopters offers flight training and ground instruction for rated and non-rated pilots who seek new pilot certificates and pilots who seek add-on ratings for Helicopters.

Our ground training lesson plans are well recognized and organized. Our ground syllabus is up to date and current with the ever changing field of aviation. Our Flight Training syllabus 

utilizes the  manufactures recommended flight training lessons in conjunction with current procedure improvements and up to date techniques.

This combination is a great benefit to clients. Enabling them to stay on course and current during the training process. Typically reducing overall cost by making valuable use of our clients time.

We provide helicopter pilot training to candidates seeking;

Private Pilot

Commercial Pilot

Certified Flight Instructor

Pilots Seeking Add-On Ratings For Helicopters

Biennial Flight Reviews (BFR's)


 Want To Be A Helicopter Pilot?

 Learn How To Fly Them Here!

Redwood Helicopters offers discovery flights! Allowing you to take the control of a helicopter for the first time and see what becoming a pilot is all about.

Stop dreaming about flying. Take the first step. Come see us today and jump in the pilot's seat.

Discovery or also known as introduction flights involve a Certified Flight Instructor explaining key characteristics of helicopter flight. They include instruction on the ground. During this time the instructor will answer any questions you may have.

Then comes the thrill of a lifetime, you fly with a Certified Flight Instructor who will guide you through your first flight in a helicopter. With your hands and feet at the controls! The flight portion is exciting and challenging. This is an experience you will likely never forget.

There are a few restrictions (body weight & height), due to the training helicopters limitations. Please contact us for more info.


Located in Petaluma, CA. We are also available to meet with clients by appointment at several Northern Bay Area and Sacramento Valley Area locations and surrounding areas.

We have many resources to aid candidates seeking;
Instrument Rating
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

Please contact us for further info and appointment availability.

By phone: 707-339-3352

By email:

Redwood Helicopters, LLC in Petaluma has earned a well-deserved reputation for our commitment to safety and our excellence in providing quality, sensible, flight training solutions.



Current Rates

​​$300/Hour R22 Dual Instruction

                                                   *Pay as you go​

                   $285/Hour R22 Dual Block Rates

                                     *10 Hours or more purchased

                       $50/Hour Ground Instruction

                    *Includes Pre-Flight & Post-Flight Instruction.


​​​​Redwood helicopters is an engaging, positive, effective, and rewarding flight training environment. Preparing clients for a safe, knowledgeable and exciting aviation experience.​

​​​​​Discovery / Demo Flights


*Includes approximately 30 minutes of flight time and approximately 1 hour of ground instruction.

​​​​​Our flight school is at the forefront of ever-changing aviation and we are fully committed to pilot and staff training, currency and proficiency. Our goal, exceed client expectations!

Helicopter Pilot Training

Throughout our aviation careers we have developed many great contacts and resources. If we are unable to meet your helicopter needs, we most likely know someone who can.  We are all about customer service and the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

Our aircraft are only maintained by factory certified technicians. We only use Robinson factory certified service centers for parts and service. We  are committed to safety and the quality of our product! Feel free to contact us today!

    Dedication Quality And Service You Deserve!

Located in Petaluma, Calfornia. We offer views of Sonoma and Napa wine countries, California Coastlines, Redwood Forests, San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley. Our goals are to ensure that our clients experiences at Redwood Helicopters are satisfied and exceeded. We offer quality flight instruction, with a personal and professional client service. We are a part 61 helicopter flight school that provides helicopter pilot training mainly in Robinson Helicopters. We’re committed to providing you with top notch helicopter services.
​ We provide services in Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley. We serve a wide range of clientele, and value every client relationship greatly. With each client we serve, the collective impact of our service builds. In the end, the safety, skill, behavior, and attitudes of our clients becomes our legacy. Together, we will ensure it's a great one.